17 June 2009 @ 09:51 pm
Spent some time getting some financial peace of mind tonight. Got on the phone with Sallie Mae and managed to avoid defaulting on my student loans. I've arranged deferment until October, though I'm going to make as many payments between now and then as I can. I also arranged a 12-month payment plan and lowered interest rate with Discover. That's where the bulk of my money's going to be going. God willing, I'll be able to chip away at the debt that's been rising steadily ever since losing my job back in 2006.

If all goes well, though, I'll have discover paid off about a year and a half from now, and my car and my lower-balance credit card will be paid off in less than a year. Then I'll just have student loans to concentrate on, and that'll be a breeze at that point.

I'm feeling productive in general tonight. I managed to:
  • do a 2-mile bike ride
  • do a load of laundry
  • clean off my desk
  • get caught up on financial stuff
  • help Dad with a quest on WoW
  • update my cell phone plan

I still would like to sew a couple of buttons back on a pair of pants and go to bed early... But that last one isn't looking very likely.
Current Mood: accomplished