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Tired of winter

Really tired of it. Someday I want to live in a place where winter happens every few years. *G* The geography and climate of San Diego appeals to me, though it has far too many people. Maybe the desert. I could live in the desert.

I need to finish my novel. I also need to find a second job. I wonder if any of the gyms in town are hiring. That would give me access to a gym, which I also would really love to have. My arms are flabby, and it's starting to really bug me. LOL

Finished my first book of 2013. Patricia Wrede's The Far West, which I absolutely loved. Partway into the book it occurred to me that it was weird that she'd written an alternate-history North America with no Native Americans, but after thinking about it, I realized that the ecology she'd created would prohibit widespread human population with the sort of culture most tribes had. That is, the local fauna is so dangerous that powerful spells and large palisades are required for human settlement, and none of the tribes were in the habit of building large palisades. Of course, there's also the fact that, in the book, most human settlement is still restricted to east of the Mississippi River, and no one has seen the Pacific Coast, so there could still very well be Native Americans living in the Rockies and beyond. I don't know that she plans to write any more beyond this trilogy, but while I see people accusing her of racefailing, I'm not sure I agree.

Now I am going to sit and write. I really am. I mean it. >.>
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Come here? ;) We mostly have rain during winter up here at the coast.