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Birthdate:Oct 12
Location:Indiana, United States of America
Website:My Twitter
I'm just in the process of moving my activity from LJ to DW. Please bear with me.

I write epic and urban fantasy, and I’ve completed the first draft of what might charitably be called a paranormal crime novel. I still believe in serial commas and two spaces after a period.

I blog about writing, wineries, and as many nature parks and historic sites as I can visit. I'm a Christian. I'm cat-mom to two adorable kittens. I love living in the country. I'm incredibly clumsy.

I enjoy hiking (except for the inevitable encounters with spiders) and reading (anything I can get my hands on, but mostly fantasy & paranormal fiction and Civil War nonfiction), and can often be found singing at the top of my lungs.

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airborne toxic event, alternate universe, ann rule, armor, armour, battles, beaches, bourbon, c.s. lewis, castles, cats, charles de lint, christianity, chronicles of narnia, civil war, civil war fortifications, coke zero, computers, confederate states of america, crime fiction, criminal minds, criminal psychology, dave matthews band, detectives, dragon age origins, elvis, emily autumn, english history, eowyn, epic fantasy, erica spindler, fae, faeries, fantasy, faramir, fbi, fountain pens, fringe, gentry, getting things done, glee, glocks, gordon lightfoot, grammar whoring, hannah jayne, history, indiana, indiana state police, indianapolis, inklings, ireland, jesus, jim beaver, journaling, languages, law enforcement, led zeppelin, letter writing, libraries, literary agents, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, maker's mark, medieval history, medieval warfare, meg burden, midwest, modern fantasy, movie scores, mysteries, nanowrimo, national parks, nature, ncis, novel challenges, paranormal, patricia briggs, patrick rothfuss, pc hodgell, photography, police procedurals, procrastinating, profiling, proofreading, publishing, reading, religion, robin hobb, robin mckinley, rohan, santana, serial killers, staying up late, stolichnaya, strategy, strider, supernatural, supernatural fiction, swords, tactics, tattoos, the bible, the good neighbors, the oxford english dictionary, time management, tolkien, travel, true crime, tybee island, u2, urban fantasy, vienna teng, vodka tonics, wine, wineries, world of warcraft, worldbuilding, writers market, writers police academy, writing
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