01 May 2006 @ 01:29 am
Life's New Direction and My Writing Goals  
So most of y'all know that on April 26th I got fired. Obviously I'm looking for a job, etc. But in the meantime...

I've set myself a goal of 3,333 words per day until I find a job. I'd like to write more than that, obviously, but basically what it amounts to is finishing The Loyalty Factor in less than 60 days.

I have adapted a spreadsheet to track my progress. I did not create the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet creation is credited to Erik Benson, and was adapted by someone else whose website is now defunct. I just adapted it further.

Other tasks:
  • Buy 2006 Novel and Short Story Writers Market
  • Go thruogh all my old stories with a red ink pen and sift for marketability
  • Find markets
Current Mood: determined