20 August 2017 @ 11:57 pm
Well, someone reminded me that there was Superior Soap Opera material still on LJ, so I figured I should bring it over.
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20 August 2017 @ 10:21 pm
Could've been better, could've been worse.

Finished A Civil Contract, noticed two rather painful lines in it that did not age well (re Blacks and Jews; one line each), otherwise quite entertained. Had to go looking up dates for the Battle of Waterloo (and what Rothschild did then!) to get spoilers, because I was in a state at what a character did.

Now I want to write virtually plotless relationship stories. -_-

https://twitter.com/libshipwreck/status/898214705403236355 is an amusing thread.

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f___ | "We're all villains in Nassau. Don't believe that because you're new, you're any different."
f___ says, “Pretty good tagline for the whole series, that.”
--regarding Black Sails

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19 August 2017 @ 11:57 pm
Not so good to get to bed at 4am again, but at least sleeping till 2pm got me some, well, sleep.

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M__ should try Black Sails at some point.
w~~~~~~~ keeps briefly misreading as "Black Snails".
[anon@emit] "Arr," they say, oozing their way across the deck.

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19 August 2017 @ 12:46 am
It starts up like a demented astromech, but it has a "blow air and tumble occasionally" setting that will run up to 12 hours, so hopefully forgetting the laundry for a few hours will not cause me to have to fight mildew odor, yay?

Hat tip to Conuly: http://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2017/08/16/543920822/probiotic-bacteria-could-protect-newborns-from-deadly-infection

Edit: Hat tip to the Bujold Dreamwidth (and probably livejournal) community: Georgette Heyer books on sale at Amazon, B&N, and iBooks for $2.99! At least, in the US.

Eating straw wrappers seems to correlate with my mood being slightly better? Maybe? Dunno?

Still hugely sleepy. Maybe I'm fighting off a bug. -_-

More good thoughts for friends, please. And for the state of medical research.

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f___ says, “This show is /so good/. And because life and socialization are as they are, I feel bad about saying that, because I do not want to create hype overload and thus make people disappointed in a good show becuase it wasn't as good as they'd been led to believe.”
f___ says, “But, damn, this show.”
--I think this is about Black Sails?

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17 August 2017 @ 11:49 pm
Which is an improvement, but I should like to catch up with nine sometime.

Tomorrow the washing machine comes.

Today, I belatedly ordered spouse's anniversary gift. I told him this. He went, "But I didn't get you anything." I told him the washer could count. He said that sounded like something that should get him in trouble instead. OTOH, not having to go to the laundromat is certainly a win...

Plus all his clothes are permanent-press, and transporting those -- they have to hang to get the folds right -- would be pretty tricky or impossible to do from the laundromat. (Which made me realize that permanent-press is a status marker along the lines of "owns house and washer/dryer." The next status marker up is "send everything out to be dry-cleaned," I suspect? Which then removes the need for house and washer/dryer, probably due to living in a studio apartment downtown that costs eleventy zillion a month and has a spectacular view and white chairs...)

Portuguese version of Legend of the Morning Star should be up on the Zon now. And now I can fix... the copyright date. *headdesk*

(Please continue good thoughts for my friend who dearly, dearly needs them.)

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M__ needs to rant about Secret Empire again.
M__ thought he purged all the toxin. But then comics this week came out.
-----------------------Quoted by M__------------------------
M__: Wow, I'm glad Secret Empire can't get worse...


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