25 June 2017 @ 08:14 pm
Woke up before noon, omg. Kid... got 4 hours sleep.......
(On the plus side, taking the Benadryl AFTER brushing teeth did provide an earlier bedtime. We can, perhaps, work with this.)

excuse, there is a commotion in the gas fireplace. a flying squirrel or large mouse hopefully NOT setting itself on fire via the pilot light...

Okay, commotion seems to've faded. I need to clear out enough space to open that out and figure out where the creatures are coming in. *sigh*

Anyway. Food was gotten, but it was breakfast type food, and I got no ice tea or hot tea and now I have a splitting headache and am drinking cooked-at-home tea. After taking ibuprofen. Kid and spouse are off getting food.

Hat tip to Mal, re Wonder Woman:

This is an awesome Twitter thread about the design of the movie Wonder Woman's costume.

Now I'm going to try to edit through this headache.

(Oh, right, and when this headache fades, I have a CUNNING PLAN to consolidate some things and thus declutter something else. HM.)

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S••••• says, “And someone on this thread about flags goes and asks where do single people go to get the tax breaks married couples do. I answer, 'A judge, justice of the peace, or minister.'”
S••••• says, “Of course, they have to go in pairs.”
--From the MUSH. (Or, I suppose, in 4s, if they're Andorians.)

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24 June 2017 @ 08:24 pm

Reminding ze spouse that the kid gets the Benadryl AFTER tooth-brushing, not before, so the peak woozytime does not have to be worked through in order to get teeth brushed. -_-

The sky was a weird grayblue, and very very foggy. I wiped at the bathroom window to see if it was somehow condensation, but if it was, it was on the other side. Blurry atmospheric picture was taken. https://twitter.com/emccoy_writer/status/878531036795330561

So, obviously, breakfast was at 3pm. -_-

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----------------------Quoted by BotEl-----------------------
Marianne, Ofanite of the Wind
Corporeal: 4 Ethereal: 3 Celestial: 2
Strength: 5 Intellect: 5 Will: 3
Agility: 11 Precision: 7 Perception: 5
Skills: Acrobatics/3, Area Knowledge (England)/3, Fast-Talk/2, Language (Local)/3, Running/2
Attunements: Ofanite of the Wind, Cherub of the Wind, Elohite of the Wind
Remaining CP: 6
E**** says, “Cheers, love, the cavalry's here!”
--From the MUSH

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23 June 2017 @ 08:27 pm
And I got like over 8 hours of sleep FINALLY at a pretty solid stretch oh lovely lovely lovely. I could still sleep a lot more, but.

My sore throat is just about gone. As I said in a comment: Apparently my immune system said, "Hey! Waddaminute! WE KNOW YOU! YOU'RE SOME VIRUS WEARING GROCHO GLASSES!" and dogpiled it after all. Whew.

Kid was very, very frail and blah this morning, but we got food into us and ice tea into me (the good stuff!) and then went driving to a different place for to-go dessert. ("I wanted to go to [X] because I wanted dessert," said kid. I looked at my watch and said, "Well, they won't be busy now. We could go there for dessert." And they said, "Oh, right, that's an option." So we did.)

Tonight is STO night and I shall cut this short because STO.

A link of potential interest. Heh. http://www.issendai.com/psychology/estrangement/

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Notice that, for instance, nothing is really recommended for a weakling. One would think it most important that one whose magic is weak have a wand capable of picking up the faintest of impulses to amplify.

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22 June 2017 @ 11:22 pm
Kid is slowly recovering. Slowly. Miserably.

I got to bed at 3, and then the kid needed me back after all (nightmares last night...) about an hour later, so I spent about 3-4 hours sleeping on the foot of þeir bed. Then back to bed again. Less than 7 hours all told. I did get about an hour's nap later this afternoon, BUT.

Then to optometrist, and it was decided that my left eye did indeed need a different prescription. I have some hopes that I will be able to cope with the progressives once the left lens is better.

I have a depressed. O:p

I also read a lot of the series that starts with The Magpie Lord, which is a pseudo-regency with magic, and a m/m relationship (which gets explicit, FYI), and when I finished the first one, I bought the second, and when I finished the second, I bought the third. I blame fadethecat for mentioning that Magpie Lord was good, and then I went to see how expensive it was, and I already had it (so it was cheap or free when I looked at some point I forgot about), so... Well.

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I really gotta get out of this habit of thinking I'll blog about a thing and then not doing it and then not blogging about the next thing because I need to blog about the other thing first.

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21 June 2017 @ 10:30 pm
So the kid had a bit of a sore throat yesterday that turned very noticeable around dinner, and by about 1 am, þey were basically resisting throwing up by sheer willpower, curled up on our bed, under about half the blankets under the house. (All the washable ones.) Kid was on top of the covers and a towel over ze spouse's pillow in case of yarp.

So spouse in the front bedroom, kid on his side of the bed, and me -- in nightshirt and houserobe, my feet tucked under quilts and the remaining afghan at the foot of the bed, and a shawl pulled over my shoulder -- on top of covers because getting under them was just not working.

Kid played Star Wars RPG podcast and I think we fell asleep around 3am. About 2 hours and 59 minutes later, according to fitbit, we woke up and the kid was well enough to move back to þeir room. I eventually got back to sleep till... I'm not sure when. About another 2-3 hours of sleep (according to fitbit), and then the phone rang and I had to do entries for spouse's uncle's hearing aid or something. Then I fell asleep again a bit. When kid and I were both awake and I verified that kid was not amazingly better but was, instead, running a fever of around 102F (about 101 under the arm, so add a degree F for the equivalent oral temp)... I called the doctor, got an appointment, went in, pronounced that we thought it was strep -- the symptoms are very much like when the kid was in 7th grade and "threw up 13 times; I counted." (to quote.) And back then we discovered that allergy to 'cillin, and thus 7th grade started with hives all over. (Oatmeal baths work.)

Where was I... Ah, right. Went to doctor. Swabs were taken. The really quick version was strep-negative, so they'll culture it overnight and see if it's bacterial. In the meantime, it might be viral, woohoo. So ibuprofen for pain and fever and they'll call sometime (ungodly early, no doubt) tomorrow. We're also using Zantac for nausea.

Havva Quote
---------------------Quoted by C•••••••---------------------
I know but one who sails within
The ranks of Arthur's men
To challenge death at Caer Siddi.
The Prydwen sails again.

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20 June 2017 @ 10:54 pm
As I said on Twitter:

• Wonder Woman is a really fun movie. As kid & I loved the Boss Fight, & friend did not, the diff appears to be flat or 3D. Pick flat!
• The Greek/Roman myth is so mangled, but they run with it & this is clearly an alternate universe anyway, so I forgive.
• There is totally problematic stuff going on as well, as others have noted. Esp disfigurement.
• (I think they may've been going for a [spoiler] echo at [spoiler scene] or even [spoiler metaphor] but that was really subtle if so.)
• I also appreciated/was amused by [more spoilers pertaining to mythology] and [spoilers Seraph/Balseraph Truth/"truth" hahahaha].
• The music/soundtrack was fine & if you like it, that's great. It was solid but did not earworm me so I deem it weakest. Choreography was 😳😍.
(If the Emoji don't come through, try O_O and <3<3. Close 'nuff.)

Also approved of some trope subversions, and a subtle movement in one of the scenes, and hopefully that's not too spoilery above.

Then went and bought Hamster Princess 4, which spouse is reading.

At home, discovered kid's online game was canceled, so kid and spouse went to... the Olive Garden, which is like right around the corner from the movie theater, and as I did not want to drive ALL THE WAY BACK THERE -- especially when we'd be coming home after dark -- I stayed home instead of being the Driver.

Kid now has a terrible, terrible sore throat. O:( Not due to Olive Garden; it was developing before that. But it is bad. O:(

Did NOT get to the optometrist for eyeglasses adjustment, darnit. But Wonder Woman!

(Look, it was a 4:10 showing and we woke up pretty late because kid and I got to sleep at around 5am, okay? -_- Kid went into hypermode to finish a paper and finished around 3am (I did say "let's use insomnia for good") and wind-down took a while.)

Havva Quote
Spouse: We should get a drone with a water cannon.
Me: Not in the house we shouldn't.
Spouse: Percy would love to chase a drone.
--on how to keep the cat from jumping on the counter/sink where he is not allowed.

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19 June 2017 @ 09:23 pm
Went up temporarily and, er, it wasn't that temporary. At least I got to bed before 4 in the morning. Not sure when the kid fell asleep. I slept... a while, with some minor waking up intervals before going back to sleep, then got a shower, and so it was past 2 by the time we got moving.

Got new glasses today with kid -- but one of my lenses is rotated wrong or something, and it's blurry when the other one is clear. They're also Progressive lenses, and I'm not sure if I wouldn't prefer regular bifocals instead, honestly. Well, the WORKING lens didn't make me scream and hate it instantly, and it was kind of cool to be able to read the menu easily, so we'll see.

Ten of Thirty's Borg eye is looking more and more intriguing to me, though. @_-

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A corrupt [***]hole meddling in the deadly side of politics in Ms. Cope's world has little reason to act surprised if his bar card doesn't shield him.
(Bowdlerization mine. I turrible, I is.)

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17 June 2017 @ 11:46 pm
Oh, right, forgot to mention -- the burning smell was the car's axel boots. They'd split. There were replacements done.

Burning smells. Bad.

Kid had major insomnia. So that meant we couldn't hit either of the nearby libraries because they both close at 1 or 2 in the afternoon, and after getting to sleep WHEN THE SKY WAS GETTING LIGHT OUT... ha, no. (Spouse went and picked up my car, and griped at them about the ciggie smell in it, and happily actually found ALL the stuff that we'd left in it. (Charger, sunglasses, spare shirt for kid, spare garage door opener.) He also pointed out that No Manuals made it hard to operate the air system, and the guy went "oh, hm, yeah, we have a quick-overview thing we could print and stick in it..." So that's useful.)

Then I had to re-write the paper's requirements because the original ones were NOT written clearly, and included a sentence that... the second half of it needed diagramming, because IT WAS GIBBERISH. These words DO NOT MEAN WHAT SOMEONE THINKS THEY MEAN. It was a Markov Chain that attempted to make sense and, instead, because it was LITERAL NONSENSE, sent the kid into meltdown trying to parse it.

Do not. Claim you want clear writing. When you produce something like that. GET AN EDITOR.


Well, I wrote up a translation and the kid can follow THAT. (Honestly, there is duplicated effort on this blighted thing, and the presentation would be exactly reverse of the creation process, and it's a really shoddy assignment. But at least it's something that can be followed now.)

Here's hoping that the kid can get a chunk of that done tomorrow. (Or a real spurt of energy and FINISH it!) After that... a week of NOTHING!

But kid and spouse have a mild stomach bug, it seems. Joy-oh-joy. That's no good for functionality.

Because we had breakfast at three in the afternoon (see also insomnia), we actually got to that restaurant we'd been wanting to, and there were seats! ...up in their loft area. It was still kinda noisy, but that's what noise-canceling headphones are for, yay. ...kid did not want much of the food aside from the fried mushroom appetizer. Darn. (Well, I got the mac and cheese for dinner, since I liked it.)

I tipped a little extra (minimum $5 or 20%, whichever's more) because the poor waitress had to climb up stairs to get to us.

Still, it's kind of a useful thing for restaurants to think about: booths/tables/locations for people who have sensory issues. (I came out and said, since they were kind-of rather busy (at 3pm!!!!), "Kid is on the autism spectrum, and has sensory issues. Is there an out-of-the-way table somewhere available?" So yay, the vacant-save-for-us loft!)

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S_____ . o O ( "S______, why are you detailing food, lumber, and textile fiber crops for a D&D undergound kobold empire?" "Because nobody can stop me." )

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Happily, not bad-to-the-extent-of-trashed-car. Dropped off the car last night, stayed up until after 3am as I had anticipated, went in later, got loaner car. (Loaner car has faint but pervasive cigarette smell and it got on my CLOTHES and UGH. There is a special layer of Hades for people who smoke in loaner cars. Meanwhile, car is in the garage with all four windows down.)

(There is also a special layer of Hades for car dealership people who don't think to PUT THE MANUALS in loaner cars, forcing someone to go onto the web and search down WHERE THE RECIRC BUTTON IS. Because it was not hugely obvious to someone doing the driving. I will be Making Comments.)

I also don't think much of this car's Bluetooth connection, or any of its center computer stuff; very unresponsive. It is a Subaru Crosstrek of some vintage (not 2018, obviously), and while it handles quite well for a friggin' SUV, and I was able to adjust the headrest to maximum extension and make it mostly stop giving me headaches... Well, if you are considering a Crosstrek and Bluetooth connection to your phone/music player is important, test out the central computer system thingie there.

Anyway. I woke up after Not Enough Sleep but more than about 4 hours. Spouse woke. Kid woke. We went to the dealership and picked up the loaner car. Then kid and I went to school to drop off the Final (just the research paper to go!); all the teachers, just about, were in the cafeteria and there were presentations and stuff going on, and kid's teacher was not present, so we moseyed on down to where we found her case...manager? School stuff. Anyway, found Mrs. L and showed her the part of the final exam essay kid was most proud of, and I snagged a set of headphones that are allegedly Not Working (probably a bad cable) and were destined for the trash, but hey, if there's a chance that they work, they look otherwise pretty decent, actually.

Then we went looking for food. Plan A is clearly not at all a possibility until significantly after 1:30. Plan B was... well, much more local, but oh, well. I don't actually mind the driving that much, except for the headrest in that car and the SMOKE ugh. But. There was food. (The soup of the day was a "Cream of..." but it had chicken squeezings in it. WHY, PEOPLE, WHY? AND WHY CAN'T YOU MARK AT LEAST THE OVO-LACTO VEGETARIAN STUFF, HUH?)

Then over to the library, where not much got done, except I hand-"sold" Hamster Princess 1 to the parent of a kid who was apparently graduating somewhat from chapter books? "She's a princess, but she's really tough" was my selling point.

I also took pictures of appropriate parts (we own all the Ursula Vernon books the library had anyway, but they were Right There and I dunno where our Nurk has gotten off to), because How Ursula Vernon/T.Kingfisher Is Impacting Fantasy seems to be at least a vague approximation of the topic that the kid was thinking of. Plus I bet we can do it without bugging her on Twitter or Dreamwidth, HA. But now we have copyright pages and stuff so we can format the stuff as-needed for the paper.

Then home, put clothes in dryer (nice to have a dryer where I can trust that it'll dry things without having to set things for 2 hours, pull out what's not still damp, then another 2 hours...), discover that my glow-in-the-dark fitbit band arrived broken *sob*, have a quickie chat with the help person (who I would've said nice things about on the survey but it didn't pop up, boo), email the company sadly (I am sad! it looked very nice and pretty! aside from having half the band ripped off), and STO. Epohh tagging, mmmmmm.

(BTW, no matter how great your essay ghostwriter is, if you can't at least scrape a C on your in-person exams... Perhaps you should seek additional tutoring in the parts that are being a problem, instead of trying to rely on commissioned papers? The college professor knows what you're doing, even if you're paying for original papers. You lose sympathy when you don't ask for help instead. *shakes head sadly*)

After kid gets this next paper done, I figure we take off a week, pure and simple, and just DO NOT GIVE A **** about anything remotely resembling "productivity." Then we need to figure out how to set up the laptop for VLACs so

Direly intrigued by this Commission Your Own Shampoo Blend stuff, but cannot justify the cost. ;_;

Edit: Hat tip to Bujold, who found THIS cool thing! http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/04/new-solar-powered-device-can-pull-water-straight-desert-air

Havva Quote
S_____ . o O ( No, Word, when I say "hoards of the dragons" there, I /do/ mean piles of treasure, not armies. )
--from the MUSH

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15 June 2017 @ 10:21 pm
Up till past 3 with kid (...I think it was like 4am by the time I actually got into bed?), and then spouse woke up (yard fellow dropping off his dirt-mover to put the dirt-pile where he wants it on our terrible back yard) and that woke me up and I wound up with maybe up to 6.5 hours of sleep. -_-

Drove kid around foraging for food. (Plan A restaurant once again too busy at 1pm-ish. Plan B cafe too busy at 1:30ish, and poor layout for over-stimulated autistic needs. Plan C restaurant had food! ...most of kid's food came home, oh well.) Went to library. Library had few places deserted enough for over-stimulated autistic needs, but no one was in the "cafe" area (tables, some comfy chairs, permission to eat/drink in that area, OMG a microfiche reader!) so we set up shop there and got a couple paragraphs done. Just... well, 7 more concepts to go, joy.

Headed home. Stopped at DunkinDonuts for snack. Frozen Hot Chocolate and donut for kid, ice tea for me because I was getting a caffeine-withdrawal headache. Or possibly lack of sleep, but as it stopped getting worse and has improved some with application of caffeine... *suspicious look*

Returned home.

Have dropped off car early (then dinner and shopping with spouse), as the "drop off at 8:30am" time, if I stay up till 3 in the morning again, would have me rather less safe-to-drive than I prefer. Will show up with spouse at a later-time tomorrow when I am moderately safe-to-drive, and get loaner car if they need to keep BlueBelle for a while. Spouse will be doing MedicalTaxi with his relatives tomorrow, I think, and I need to be able to do Kid Foraging and Kid Library trips.

Havva Quote
S_____ hmms. Gary Gygax's FBI records have apparently been released.
S_____ says, “Ah, somebody FOIA'd the FBI for what they had on TSR.”
E•••• wonders if anyone's FOIAed the Secret Service for what they had on GURPS Cyberpunk.
--From the MUSH. (The answer is "probably not," as most of that should be in the court record of SJ Games vs USSS?) AKA "the deposition where I got to tell a lawyer, 'You're not cleared for that.'" Off the record. O;>

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14 June 2017 @ 09:41 pm
I stayed home. Kid and kid's dad went to the appointment (moved from Monday this week). On the way back, kid opened up file to work a little on the homework thing, get At Least One Sentence on one of the essay questions, and 20 minutes later, BOOM, FINISHED THAT ESSAY QUESTION! YAY!

One more to go on THAT, and then a research paper, and then WOOHOO!

I, meanwhile, mostly just flopped around and decompressed in the way of introverts.

Edit: Political stuff. Click at own peril. (MOM, CLICK THIS. YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT.) http://beatrice-otter.dreamwidth.org/350863.html

Havva Quote
Feb uncurls her head and noses a leaf. "It might, though I should be sure I can take care of this bamboo first. Thank you for trying to reassure me. I wish I could reassure you about the angels in Heaven not wanting to keep you, but I am very sure that most of them would very _much_ want to keep you, and I do not know when that would change. And I am not sure that you should be there..." She shifts her coils again. "I must talk to... Mnason. And find what title he might have. He does not say if he is a Vassal or..." She shakes her head. "I must talk to him and find what he and Lightning know about... about the thing that I have reported but should not talk about to others at this time."

<<OOC>> arcangel asks Feb if she can _possibly_ be more long-winded. No, wait, don't answer that. DON'T ANSWER THAT.

<<OOC>> Addi giggles.

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13 June 2017 @ 08:45 pm
So I need to skitter off and sift the litterboxen. And possibly deet around the downstairs litter stool. >_>

New dryer is working nicely. It's very pleasant to be able to put things on humidity-sensor again instead of "2 hours on low." We also, instead of getting a fan to boost the dryer air outside to the back... had the dryer-hookup-plumber-guy punch a hole in the alleged FRONT of the house and put in a new dryer vent above the dryer instead of like the entire opposite side of the house. ...I mean, c'mon. Our "front yard" faces onto an acre-wide WETLANDS before the street. WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT OUR FRONT DOOR-AREA HAVING A DRYER VENT. *rolls eyes*

Kid must eat soon. At least I have done necessary Risa daily.

I really, really, really want to live on Risa. ;_;

*checks Smashwords* Oh, hey, a bit over $5 this month, as various non-SW vendors pay SW. *waves the "I haz bookz; u can haz for moniez; some even free!" flag*

Havva Quote
The kiosk-Cherub simply watches, bemused, the becoming-more-familiar scene of an angel and a dark Lilim, fussing at each other.

Without smiting.

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12 June 2017 @ 11:39 pm
Had a cancel. Rescheduling happens. Stuff, stuff, stuff. Braaaaains.

Adorable minideer! (H/t to anke) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sny5-dYT0Bg

Havva Quote
Fou-Lu holds back the bared teeth and glowing eyes and ears jerking up so high they may as well be little horns. Oh do his wings ache. Calm. Collected. Judge. At least HE reports to Dominic again now, THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

Feb supposes if Dominic _wants_ to accept reports from a Discordant little Grig, who's shacking up with a Lilim who wants in his pants, well, more headache to Dominic. His choice.
--https://www.prismnet.com/~arcangel/GamingWarStories/SSO/SSO340.html (Out of character chatter after the actual game ended)

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