19 August 2017 @ 12:46 am
It starts up like a demented astromech, but it has a "blow air and tumble occasionally" setting that will run up to 12 hours, so hopefully forgetting the laundry for a few hours will not cause me to have to fight mildew odor, yay?

Hat tip to Conuly: http://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2017/08/16/543920822/probiotic-bacteria-could-protect-newborns-from-deadly-infection

Edit: Hat tip to the Bujold Dreamwidth (and probably livejournal) community: Georgette Heyer books on sale at Amazon, B&N, and iBooks for $2.99! At least, in the US.

Eating straw wrappers seems to correlate with my mood being slightly better? Maybe? Dunno?

Still hugely sleepy. Maybe I'm fighting off a bug. -_-

More good thoughts for friends, please. And for the state of medical research.

Havva Quote
f___ says, “This show is /so good/. And because life and socialization are as they are, I feel bad about saying that, because I do not want to create hype overload and thus make people disappointed in a good show becuase it wasn't as good as they'd been led to believe.”
f___ says, “But, damn, this show.”
--I think this is about Black Sails?

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17 August 2017 @ 11:49 pm
Which is an improvement, but I should like to catch up with nine sometime.

Tomorrow the washing machine comes.

Today, I belatedly ordered spouse's anniversary gift. I told him this. He went, "But I didn't get you anything." I told him the washer could count. He said that sounded like something that should get him in trouble instead. OTOH, not having to go to the laundromat is certainly a win...

Plus all his clothes are permanent-press, and transporting those -- they have to hang to get the folds right -- would be pretty tricky or impossible to do from the laundromat. (Which made me realize that permanent-press is a status marker along the lines of "owns house and washer/dryer." The next status marker up is "send everything out to be dry-cleaned," I suspect? Which then removes the need for house and washer/dryer, probably due to living in a studio apartment downtown that costs eleventy zillion a month and has a spectacular view and white chairs...)

Portuguese version of Legend of the Morning Star should be up on the Zon now. And now I can fix... the copyright date. *headdesk*

(Please continue good thoughts for my friend who dearly, dearly needs them.)

Havva Quote
M__ needs to rant about Secret Empire again.
M__ thought he purged all the toxin. But then comics this week came out.
-----------------------Quoted by M__------------------------
M__: Wow, I'm glad Secret Empire can't get worse...


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16 August 2017 @ 10:03 pm
Kid didn't do well either, with a nuclear nightmare. *growling* Their dad got up and stayed with them for that, though, which was good, as I got to bed sometime around 4:30 in the morning.

Then, before noon, we got TWO gods-blighted illegal telemarketer scam robocalls, and then I was awake. *growls more*

But today was long drive day, and kid and otherparent went while I stayed home.

Look what I managed to get up! https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/742848
...tomorrow, hopefully, I will have enough brain to fix all the errors that got through. >_>

Havva Quote
arcangel | Spouse: Percy, stop trying to plug your nose into the USB-c port.

Havva Quote
O••••• says, “Getting severely sleepy here.”
K_______ says, “Yeah”
w~~~~~~~ says, “Take a close look around for sneaky hypnotists?”
O••••• says, “It could be the fact that I fell asleep late and had to get up at 6 am :)”
w~~~~~~~ says, “Bah, that would be too much of the sensible explanation.”
K_______ says, “Around here, it's because the clouds are coming in and it's getting dark”
O••••• says, “There is someone outside the office playing the accordion. It feels a bit absurd to discuss deeply technical issues with background music.”

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As this is the third day in a row I have not managed that. About 6 hours. Ugh. How am I gonna fix up the translation cover at this rate??

Plus I sliced myself -- not very much, hardly more than a papercut -- with the box-cutter when trying to break down an empty litterbox for the recycle pile. I held the edges together (it was not really necessary; as I say, hardly more than a papercut, but those few layers were gaping apart kind of oogily) and made the spouse get me a bandaid. It stung till a bit after the bandaid got put on, and now it only twinges a little.

(And to reiterate, it's no worse than many a cat-scratch I've had in the past.)

Havva Quote
O••••• says, “Getting severely sleepy here.”
K_______ says, “Yeah”
w~~~~~~~ says, “Take a close look around for sneaky hypnotists?”
O••••• says, “It could be the fact that I fell asleep late and had to get up at 6 am :)”
w~~~~~~~ says, “Bah, that would be too much of the sensible explanation.”
K_______ says, “Around here, it's because the clouds are coming in and it's getting dark”
O••••• says, “There is someone outside the office playing the accordion. It feels a bit absurd to discuss deeply technical issues with background music.”

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14 August 2017 @ 10:11 pm
It's chipped, and now my grin will be more distinctive. But it didn't get past the part that's enamel. Dentist says that if it chips further, I can come in and he can build a little ledge on it so it'll be the same length as the other one. Sanded down some of the sharper bits that were being Ohs Noes Wrong. But not at risk for nerve damage or cavities, yay!

In other news, going to bed at 4am is not good when I have a before-noon dentist appointment, and I am sleepy.

And hormonal. Have not been taking my B-complex regularly and SO MUCH RANDOM MOOD CRASH. Bah.

Please continue good thoughts for my friend.

Havva Quote
f___ says, “Anne resolutely treats failures as 'an opportunity for another engineering solution.' Gosh, I like her.”
f___ says, “They are fusing a lawnmower and a bike. This cannot possibly go wrong.”
f___ says, “Oh no, the self-driving whirling blades of plant-cutting doom robot has gone astray! Who could have guessed?”
--more Annedroids commentary; I like it when this happens on the MUSH.

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13 August 2017 @ 11:38 pm
Just a few paragraphs on a couple different things. (So my brain wants to do short James Herriot-style slice of life or maybe Murder She Wrote, only with a Portguard Earth Priestess and fewer deaths. Maybe. I dunno. But there's a character there and lords but I wish I could do the white-heat that I did that dadgum AU fanfic I can't show anyone... Ungh. The advantages of working with a world where I don't have to worry if I'm showing enough about the worldbuilding or not, and can just write the characters for maximal screaming. (Because, see, it's an AU and the best thing about AUs is when you take a character your readership knows -- in this case, the kid -- and then dumping them into weird stuff and warping them around.))

Still not enough brains for cover. I woke up too early and used all my brains on a few paragraphs.

And on a different front, a friend got very bad news and... and if there are people who'd burn a candle or talk to higher powers, please do. Please.

Havva Quote
f___ | Nick, whose mother wants to meet his new friend, singing loudly: "Me and my mom! Crossing the street! Going to the junkyard! Me and my mom! At the gates! About to go into the junkyard! Me and my mom, about to meet Anne, it's gonna be great! Just Anne and NO ONE ELSE, in the junkyard!"
f___ | Mom: "Gosh, there's a lot of junk here!" Anne: "My dad always says, one person's junk is another person's engineering solution!"
f___ says, “There is a very clear distinction being made between androids and robots, here! Lots of robots, only three androids. (The distinction appears to come down to 'Robots have simple and focused programming, androids have complex programming that lets them learn and act like people.' Which is to say: AI.)”
f___ | "The only thing Cleanobot is programmed to do is clean. Androids are programmed to /think/."
f___ says, “They are going to deal with Nick's lawn-mowing chore by making a lawnmower robot out of his lawnmower. I am sure this will end well.”
--Regarding Annedroids

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12 August 2017 @ 09:43 pm
1: got up, got kid, went ate.
2: Took kid home, and we walked around outdoors for over an hour. My watch has all its exercise and then some.
3: Spouse got home so I abandoned them and went to the laundromat.
3a: Okay, 3 bucks for a wash is fine, that's paying for water and stuff...
3b: a quarter for 5 minutes -- $3 for an hour -- is bogus for the dryer. So I put the stuff in for 20 minutes and brought it home, 'cause the DRYER is still working!
4: Spouse and kid ran off to buy a new backup drive for the kid's laptop, and they ate out there and I ate leftovers, so there's more room in the fridge now.

Still need to do my COVER, curse it. But I have NO brains right now. ;_;

Oooo, this looks cool!

Havva Quote
f___ says, “They are doing an experiment with lightning! ...which they are conducting while sitting inside a safety pod with several listed precautions, such as vacuum-sealed, fireproof, something I forget which protects it against electricity...”
arcangel says, “Faraday cage?”
f___ says, “And when the experiment is dramatically About To Fail, they solve it by...giving up a beloved object for a /robot/ to deliver to the zone, thanks, the kids are staying inside the safety pod.”
arcangel cheers the robot!
f___ says, “For a show about children doing mad science, it's remarkably /responsible/.”
arcangel says, “Excellent!”
f___ says, “I see that the grand tradition in children's TV of indicating someone is SCIENCEY by them having an elaborate marble-based alarm clock system continues.”
arcangel giggles. “Rube Goldberg's Legacy?”
f___ says, “Apparently!”
arcangel is reassured by the consistency. O:>
f___ | "Where is he?" "Who?" "PAL! The android who just woke up." "Why do you assume PAL is a 'he'?" "...where is he--uh, it? She?" "I didn't program PAL to be a boy or a girl, so we'll see."
f___ says, “I totally assumed the android with human features but no particular gender markers would be automatically a He, so I'm kinda impressed.”
arcangel says, “Neeeeeat.”
f___ says, “(I mean, PAL might yet identify as male! I don't know!)”
f___ says, “The giant claw-headed robot named Hand is a she, so!”

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11 August 2017 @ 10:57 pm
Woke up... earlier than I'd like, after a 4-mumble bedtime. Went with kid for food. Kid was still in Terribly Frazzled Mode from yesterday. (Long yesterday.)

Spouse stayed home and met the guy who was here to fix the washer. Except the drum bearings were pretty much messed up, so replacing the drum gasket would be expensive and probably fail pretty soon anyway. So... kid was in extrovert meltdown and couldn't be alone, and spouse was all "if I go on my own and get a washing machine, you will hate it." So he gave me a list of the brands to look for and stayed with kid whilst I went to the appliance store. (I also returned a box of stuff that'd been left by their guy.)

Some discussion with the sales-guy, and I had to hang around longer because I was getting lousy cell service and wanted to ask spouse stuff, so I had to be wandering in and out of the store to get enough connectivity for messages to go through. Some discussion between Speed Queen (reputedly very sturdy, but also about $400 more than the Maytag) and Maytag. Went with Maytag. It's like the second-highest rated model with Consumer Reports, and it has this thing where I guess if you forget to take out the load, it will occasionally tumble it around to try to prevent it from sitting and mildewing? Which I like, because I hate having to re-wash the black-fabric load all the time 'cause some of those will mildew in a heartbeat, and then I have to dig out the "safe" bleach for them and run them with an extra rinse and take them out VERY FAST and even then sometimes they'll be a little "off" on odor. Some of them, anyway.

Anyway. So I bought that, and brought home all the stuff (I stapled the receipt, sales-fellow's card, and credit-card receipt all together, for Organization), including a $30 state Rebate thing, plus the thing was discounted by about $50 anyway off the sticker price (which was discounted $100, according to itself; normally X, now X-10). Oh, and we got some stainless steel hoses 'cause no telling how old the rubber ones were and they're more likely to fail anyway and JUST SAY NO TO BASEMENT FLOODING. That was $25.

And then after a while I took kid for food. Which was a procedure because we needed to find a place with enough Quiet to not send her into overstimulation meltdown, and everywhere was PACKED. *mutter* We finally wound up back at Plan B, which had cleared out some, and even though a very large group came and showed up behind us, they were quiet.

All of this means I haven't had the brains to work on my cover. Okay, tomorrow, then, perhaps.

Oh, wait, we have virtually no clean laundry. Tomorrow, I will be spending my spoons on Laundromat, I wager. *sob*
Cheaper than buying a week's worth of clothing till the new washer gets here, I guess. ;_;

Havva Quote

f___ [to E••••]: Yes! Anne has just explained what a hypothesis is. "A hypothesis is what we think will happen." "What if it doesn't happen?" "Then we come up with another hypothesis, and record that! It's fun to test them out."
f___ [to E••••]: I suspect this show is going to Teach Science, at least a bit.
arcangel approves
f___ | "We failed!" "We didn't fail. We just discovered another way of doing it wrong."
f___ says, “You know, I usually say that most portrayals of mad scientists are just mad engineers, but they are showing Anne as a /legit/ scientist here, if a highly cinematic one.”
f___ says, “She's working on a prototype, testing various approaches, and carefully recording each attempt.”
--It seems that Annedroids (I think that's the name?) is a pretty cool show!

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11 August 2017 @ 12:12 am
Bed around 4:45am. I guess it was cloudy because I didn't notice a lot of dawn-light.

Woke up at 10 when the phone rang. The appointment with dentist at 11 -- I had chipped one of my front teeth yesterday, and wanted it looked at because it FEELS WEIRD even if the chip is objectively pretty small -- had a "something came up" and thus had to be moved to Monday. I'm not in pain, so I'm probably okay... *worries*

Anyway, went back to sleep. Woke up. Hauled myself into the shower. Got out of shower. Rousted kid out of bed. ("We should go eat because I am having literal vertigo." "...are you safe to drive?" "If it's not too far.") Went for lunchfast. Breaklunch? Whatever. Spouse, who had gone to run his uncle around, messages, "So you remember it's [Long drive day] today?"


But we told the waitress we were in a heinous hurry -- and I'd just found out, and isn't that an unusual thing to be able to say, compared to 17 years ago? -- and she was great, and we got food, and some of it just served in to-go containers, and then I got the check and paid and we scarfed down food and whizzed away. And, honestly, we woulda been there right in time if it hadn't been for a totally unnecessary slow-down for... a truck on the side of the road, and then a ways up, a cop car that'd pulled someone over.

Rubbernecking at NOTHING AT ALL, people! Ugh.

Anyway, the person we were meeting at the end of Long Drive was also a bit late, she said, so this worked out fine.

Tomorrow, the washing machine people show up. So we can WASH CLOTHING AGAIN.

And I got the Portuguese translation of Legend of the Morning Star, WOO! When I get a cover done up and make sure it's all formatted correctly, I will be self-published in THREE languages! *does a silly little 'dance like an egyptian' maneuver*

Havva Quote
E____ oo, it's August
E____ says, “The local garden store is gonna start doing their Christmas display soon.”
E____ says, “They're not trying to jump the gun, it literally takes them three months to set it up.”

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09 August 2017 @ 11:07 pm
The other evening's meeting was stressful, and then there was a doctor visit (which necessitated getting up semi-early), and then there were no spoons to check out the town hall. Which is probably good, because my spouse jinxed the ability for us to make a hasty getaway by saying it would probably not be all that crowded. HAHAHAHAH. No, don't say that. It's never good when he says that. "It's 8pm," he's said, "so surely the restaurants will not be crowded." WRONG!


He and kid are up working on the online math course, with him doing interpreting of the "written by 8-year olds, for 8-year olds" presentation style that drives the kid up a wall. It seems to be working, thus far!

(He and kid stayed up till past 3am, because of "everything go boom" concerns. Give me Force powers. And a red lightsaber. I haven't been capable of being a Jedi for a long time.)

Finished Penric's Fox (Bujold) today! Yay, Penric!

Havva Quote
S••••• says, “And thanks to the Calibri font, the office of Prime Minister of Pakistan is now sans Sharif.”
I__ says, “...no.”
S••••• [to I__]: I didn't invent the pun; it's *all over* the news headlines!
I__ [to S•••••]: No to those too.

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08 August 2017 @ 11:54 pm
Kid had some contributions that seemed well-received by the group, and I had a post-it note that also seemed well received. "Unintended consequences" and "emergent properties" are things to pay attention to. Laws need more playtesting!

Have been arranging for a Legend of the Morning Star translation into Portuguese. I wonder whether I should go exclusive to get Amazon.com.br sales there, or if I should just go with iBooks and Smashwords and Kobo...

Edit: Hat tip to Conuly who found this: http://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2017/08/07/541609649/how-to-fix-poverty-why-not-just-give-people-money

Havva Quote
"There are no pockets in Star Trek uniforms. There are no pockets in Elizabethan tights. And so I was the one actor in Star Trek who knew what to do with his hands."
--E____ quoting Sir Patrick Stewart

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07 August 2017 @ 10:26 pm

Note: if you are in charge of a machine that makes both coffee and ice tea, DO NOT CROSS THE STREAMS. Or, to be more specific, do NOT use strainer equipment for both coffee and tea. The plastic absorbs the coffee taste, and contaminates the tea. Hazelnut Ice Tea is NASTY. Especially if you added lemon to it. Hazelnut-lemon tea is terrible.


Edit: Oh wow. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865686230/I-didnt-feel-safe-Mayor-Ben-McAdams-describes-secret-nights-on-street-in-shelter.html (Hat tip to Conuly who found this one.)

Havva Quote Most Excellent Rant
f___ says, “The Worst Witch.”
f___ says, “It's a cute little show about girls at a school for witches. All girls and women, all the time. (Mediocre) CGI magic all over the place. Guaranteed happy ending every episode. Hijinks. CATS. SO MANY CATS my god they must have spent all their budget on cat-wranglers, they sure didn't spend it on acting or plausible special effects.”
f___ says, “It's apparently based on a beloved series of children's books, which I assume used slightly different plots because this has /such bad writing/ that I gave up two thirds of the way through episode 2.”
f___ says, “Episode 1, the protagonist, who has just been introduced to the concept of witches, saves the entire school from being taken over, and thus earns herself a place in the school!”
f___ says, “...episode 2, they establish that this is on a trial basis. And the teacher that dislikes her immediately schedules a test in the first week so that she'll fail it, since it's at something she's terrible at.”
f___ says, “The teacher that secretly helped her in the first episode, mind! And who I thought was going for the 'grouchy hardass, but secretly okay' badge, but no, she's just a jerk, because we can't have /complexity/ here.”
f___ says, “The snotty mean girl offers to help her, in secret! "Oo, character depth," I say, but it's just a trick, and the girl makes it look like the protag is cheating.”
arcangel says, “Teach that everyone helpful is actually out to get you!”
f___ says, “The cheating is revealed! It clearly requires fairly complex magic that this wobbly first-week-of-school kid would not understand. "GASP!" says the nice headmistress who's been rooting for her. "We cannot tolerate a cheater! You're done for!"”
arcangel says, “What a delightful moral.”
f___ [to arcangel]: Oh, never mind /morals/, it's just bad writing.
arcangel co-opts it for stories Tal Shiar tell their children. >_>
f___ says, “Because the clever headmistress who has been rooting for this kid who has earnestly stood up and claimed responsibility any time she was even accidentally responsible for something going wrong and who can barely do any magic at all has...clearly done complicated magic to cheat? Yes, that makes /perfect/ sense, no need to question that!”
arcangel can think of some adults who are that stupid. But.
f___ de says, “Like, I could take the bad CGI and bad acting and cardboard characters, because magical girls with cats having happy stories that end well, but that is just TOO DUMB for me to keep going with.”
--...still totally gonna go with the idea that "when everyone is helpful, they're out to get you" stories are what little Tal Shiar kids hear when their parents tuck them in at night.

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06 August 2017 @ 10:59 pm
Taking Benadryl as a sleep aid at 3:47AM does not help in time for avoiding dawn.

*blinks* Apparently I put two quoted tidbits in the thing yesterday. That would explain why I was confused...

Havva Quote
f___ sighs. "A show that has all the things I want, but does them /very badly/, is so much worse than a show that just doesn't appeal to me to start with. Now I'm grouchy."

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06 August 2017 @ 01:13 am
Today I found typos in the kid's math coursework, both that would affect screen-readers badly. I am unimpressed with the editorial work that FLACS does and I think VLACS needs to compile an errata page to warn students what's up with that.

And I have emailed as such to the teacher. -_-

Havva Quote
I__ [to arcangel] doesn't even know if Section 31 exists in this AU. ...or is present despite not existing, rather. ;)
M•• [to I__]: Of course it doesn't exist!
M•• winks
M•• [to I__]: NOT AT ALL.
M•• wink wink
I__ [to M••]: Hence the second part.
--(If Franklin Drake exists, he is there to be hated.)

Havva Quote
I__ says, “...considering her Streetwise skill and still-unspecified Connections Edge, I feel like there was dubiousness somewhere. But dubiousness that didn't keep her from passing whatever Starfleet background checks there are...”
arcangel [to I__]: Maybe she transferred over from Section 31.
I__ [to arcangel]: ...that's a horrifying thought.
arcangel [to I__]: She washed out due to not being able to shoot people.
--Discussing the Star Trek diplomat-type from prior quotes.

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